Pepsi is Worse than Coke!-GoWokeGoBroke

Updated: Jul 15

Hey my loves, here are the things I know about Pepsi and why I'm boycotting them. I will post the pictures I have beneath the bulletins. I will also include pictures of what they own at the bottom. Sometimes the list doesn't register as good as images of products. Follow me on gab @thattomguy

  • Using Woke LeBron James to sell their new Mountain Dew flavor 'Rise'

  • Owns Gatorade which gave to BLM and posted on Twitter about it.

  • Promising hundreds of millions of dollars to fight black inequality that doesn't exist.

  • Fighting voter ID laws while calling them racist and "voter suppression" laws.

  • Owns all of Frito-Lays including Doritos, which have so much BLM content on their social media it'd make you sick.

  • Have been known to use Aborted fetal tissue in testing their flavorings (This one is not so verified, depends on what you trust, not saying it isn't true. I'm saying... they don't like to talk much about it)

  • Pepsi is now trying to get patriots to buy their products by using American flags and other Patriotic themes on their products. Examples below.

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